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Re: North Slavic (fi: tolkien?)

From:Pavel Iosad <edricson@...>
Date:Sunday, December 14, 2003, 14:11

> > Actually Slavicists use 'North Slavic' to mean > > 'East and West but not South Slavic'. Sorry!
> And by the way, I'm really not so sure how widely accepted > this usage is.
Um., I don't know, I'm not explicitly a Slavicist (which importantly means I haven't taken a special course in Slavic philology), but I think it's probably rather normal over here. Even though it is true...
> It strikes me as slightly pointless, anyway; it's > like using the > term "South Germanic" for anything West or East Germanic but > explicitly nót North Germanic.
...that one doesn't need the term really often. However, North Slavic is not an exactly empty notion - after all, there are the eight South Slavic morphological innovations not touching North Slavic (sorry, I can't remember all of them!). I mean, it can have its uses - but admittedly not very frequent ones. 'South Germanic', on the other hand, would be a rather pointless term indeed since I can't remember offhand a single feature characteristic of West and East but *not* North (there's nothing surpising in this, since what East Germanic we have comes probably from Scandinavia ultimately). Corrections are welcome, of course! If anyone's wondering, I'm still here, only it's that I'm a couple thousand of messages behind - exams you know... Pavel -- Pavel Iosad Nid byd, byd heb wybodaeth --Welsh saying