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Poll by Email No. 16

From:Peter Clark <peter-clark@...>
Date:Saturday, June 22, 2002, 16:12
        Well, it's been a rather nice week here in Minnesota, despite the deluge that
canceled our camping trip. Nevertheless, my wife and I had a nice time in a
bed and breakfast (B&B for short, a privately run inn, usually in some quaint
Victorian-style house) and, upon returning, learned that my sister had her
first baby: a boy, 8lbs (3.6kg), 22in (55.9cm). That's my Both mother and baby are fine, although the labor
was rough.
        In honor of the occasion, this week's Poll by Email will not have ready-made
answers. Rather, you are invited to submit your own answer. The question for
the week is, "What word do you propose be adopted into English usage to refer
to the non-gender plural for 'nieces and nephews'?" This has bugged me for
years, and which each new niece/nephew, the problem re-asserts itself. Help
fill a lexical gap in English!
        I'm not quite sure how a winner will be declared; perhaps the top selections
will be the subject of next week's poll, we'll see.

        The Rules (slgnificantly modified from the usual):
1. Reply to Responding to the list should no longer be
an issue, now that I always set the "Reply-To" field to my own address for
2. Multiple entries allowed.
3. Include a brief justification for why you think the word should be adopted.
4. Each candidate must be four or less syllables in length, since the idea is
to have a word that is shorter than "nieces and nephews" (five syllables).
5. Entries must be submitted by Saturday, 29 June.
6. No snide remarks about how Language X doesn't have this problem. We know
that already.