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New England Meeting?

From:Kenji Schwarz <schwarz@...>
Date:Thursday, March 16, 2000, 20:57
Hello, everyone --

I've been absent from the list or merely lurking for a long while now, but
I'm still here in Cambridge for a few months longer.  I'm wondering if
there's enough interest in organizing another regional Conlang
mini-conference (e.g., dinner and/or coffee) sometime in April or May,
perhaps.  We did this two or three times in '98 and '99, and they were a
lot of fun.

It seems like the Boston-Providence area has quite a concentration of
conlang members, so I'd guess that would be the best place to meet.  In
order to keep list traffic down, why doesn't everyone who's interested in
this possibility email me directly with dates/times/locations that would
work for you, and I'll organize it from there (assuming enough interest).