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Recent news of Gz^rod|in

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Sunday, May 28, 2000, 7:03
pronunciation tips for this ASCII representation:
  t| = /nt/
  ^  = /a/
  ht = /T/

Two things have caused a recent expansion in the vocabulary
of  my conlang : 1. I was in town recently and bought a
couple of natlang books (a Swedish tutorial and a Welsh
dictionary - couldn't find any good linguist stuff); 2. I
compiled a brief wordlist as an appendix to my
documentation, and systematically experimented with new
affix-word combinations.

My conlang has always been an unruly mix of natlang
borrowings and a priori words, and that's the way it's gonna
stay. Realism is all very well for other people.

Anyway, the Swedish for church (kyrka) has become _kyqk_ = a
gathering. The Swedish for nobility (adel) has become _adil_
= leader, government. These actually combine to form
_adilkyqk_, roughly, parliamentary meeting. And the law of
the land is _adilin loo_ (or _loo adilin depending on the
emphasis), a law from the government. The word for "funeral"
is _nagyeqkyqk_. Nagyeq = to be dead. The word for being
welcome at a gathering is _kyqkif_ (literally, consistent
with the principles of the gathering), which leads to the
motto _tot|oht benif iu tot|oht kyqkif_ ("if you are good
(lit: beneficial) then you are welcome").

I've decided to incorporate a word I invented in my
childhood, when I used the word "trick" as a noun to mean
compulsive-obsessive behaviour. (It derives from the English
word, because - analysing the subconcious origin - it's a
disappearing "trick" in that the whole point of compulsive
behaviour is to make that intolerable gnawing sensation
disappear. Something I was very aware of as a child.)
Anyway, this word has become _tryk_, and I've made it a
verb. A person who behaves compulsively is a _trykkky_
(noun), and something that is consistent with the symptoms
is _trykif_ (adj).

And here's a nice sentence :
   hlot|^iu konlakky enzer^^hrrl ykk
It means, "Conlangers have fascinating personalities".
The suffix -hrr literally means, "having unlimited potential
to be the root adjective", and so _enzer^^hrr_ means
literally, "having unlimited potential to be explored".
Applied to a human, this means, "having an intruiging
personality". (To make this suffix possible I had to discard
a phonetic constraint concerning 'h', but no loss.) I borrow
the word conlang _konlag_ straight from English, because I
don't have a word for language yet.

Finally, I've made it official that in poetry some subject
participles (-iu) may be used as object participles (en-), a
practice originating from a device whereby one's feelings
toward an inanimate object are portrayed as mutual.

Those are just a few samplers of what I've added recently.