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Ojala' Que Tenga Yo Una Palabra Para "Ojala'"

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Thursday, December 16, 1999, 2:43
Talking about Romance conlangs, i like the Spanish word _ojala'_ so much
that i want to include an equivalent to it in my
still-very-much-so-in-the-planning-stages romancelang Judean, since
conculturally it has a long history in an Arabic environment, more so
that RL Spanish.

So, if _ojala'_ comes from the Arabic expression _insh-Alla:h_ (although
i don't get the shift to /o/), i'm trying to figure out if the Judean
form would be:

{iyala:}  /iZalA/
{eyala:}  /EZalA/

Does anyone know about the surface form of "insh-Alla:h", how the /i/ is
pronounced?  Or if i'm writing it wrong, what is it really?  I can see an
assimilation of /nSa/ > /nZa/ > /Za/, although i'm not sure if putting it
in would necessitate it becoming part of the general Judean soundshifts,
or maybe i should keep it with the /n/...{inyala:} or {enyala:}...

Inside the conculture, they attribute the rise of a derivative of the
Arabic expression instead of the Hebrew expression _im yirtzeh Hashem_ in
the vernacular to the fact that the Arabic form is so much shorter :-) .

Although there's always the Hebrew word _halevai_.... maybe i should just
go with that, instead.  Hmm...guess i'll have to wait until i get ahold
of my Hebrew-English dictionary back so i can check up on the vowels.

I wonder if that means that this whole message gets flipped into a "never
mind"... :-)

-Stephen (Steg)
 "Eze-guvdhab wa'hrikh-a tze, / "zhoutzii wa'esh," i eze-mwe."

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