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Conlang fluency (Silindion)

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 9, 2001, 5:24
Concerning fluency in Druni:

I would have to say that I am "basically" fluent in Druni.  By that I mean 
that I speak it as well as I do French which is my second language.  So, 
although I do quite well without a grammar or lexicon I do ocassionally come 
across words that I don't know and have to look up.

At present Druni contains a vocabulary of approximately 9, 000 roots.  If you
include words formed from agglutination that would increase to at least 10, 
000 words.  I would say that I know approximately 6, 000 of them although I 
have never scientically tested this assumption.


PS.  I do a lot of talking to myself in Druni!

Eale rili silda!! 

 You've memorized 6,000 roots? I've got to hand it to you, of the 1,500 or so
words in Silindion, I'd say I know only around 600 off hand. Let see if I can
make a nice prayer to the Silindic Moon Goddess, using only vocab from memory:

 A Alárïe, ó dornávi ulóri, déna hyánna i nassándë tóssëu-róndë
vë hyénka óno i ssarcilyán yárasëa óssa. Níssa ilkoimísyass nivámalya
në léisyass ká i sanyálim tá yóva hyuvúnto ópho i ciréivi në yá i
nosméivi i yoménu.

 Oh Alarie, at the ending of day, all of us gather here, the dark blanketed
druids as storm winds battle in the heavens. May your beauty lay us down to
sleep, and protect us from the evils that dance over the rocks and under the
waves at night.

A  Alare-ie  o  dorna-vi ulori        dena       
oh Moon-fem. at end-loc. day-gen.irr. gather-1stpl. 
hyan-na  i    nassando-i tosse-u   ron-de     ve
we-coll. the  druid-pl. dark-inst. dress-pp.  as
hyek-na    ono   i    tarcil-ya-n        yaros-ea
fight-ger. among the  len.heaven-pl.acc. storm-adj.
ost-ya   ni-ta     ilkoimi-n-syass       nivama-lya
wind-pl. give-that lie(subj)-3rds.1stpl. beauty-thy
ne   le-i-n-syass             ka   san-ya-lim   ta
and  protect-subj.3rds.1stpl. from evil-pl.abl. that
yova hyuvu-nto over cira-ivi      ne   ya    i
which dance-3rdpl.  rock-pl.loc.  and  under the
nosma-i-vi    i  yomen-nu
wave-pl.loc.  the night-dat.

(I hope that is visible)
As you can see, a lot of changes occur from the morpheme level, to the actual
spoken level. Please ask if you're confused! Anyway, I'm very proud of myself,
I actually remembered a lot of words, and I didn't look in my dictionary!!