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Re: CHAT: The ridiculously stupid, offtopic HCI thread.

From:Keith Gaughan <kmgaughan@...>
Date:Friday, September 3, 2004, 23:46
John Cowan wrote:

> Keith Gaughan scripsit: > >>Yup, they're mostly Unix tools that date from the '70s. Nobody uses ed >>anymore, > > /me waves his hand. > > Well, actually, I use ex; ed is a bit too minimal even for me, particularly > in the lack of prompting and the absence of "z". (Maybe I should hack > GNU ed to incorporate the few ex features I actually use, and switch > to it.)
Well, isn't vi just ex with a shiny surface? But then, ex is just ed with a sanitised interface. But, as has been said, you can't beat cat.
>>but emacs and vi are commonly used because vi has a small >>footprint making it useful for admins who need a powerful editor they >>can fit on a floppy. > > In fact, vim is about 900K, GNU Emacs about 1500K; the size difference > isn't that huge any more. (There are vi's that are smaller than vim, > of course.)
Yup, I'm talking about good old stevie and elvis.
>>Emacs is completely programmable and almost an >>OS in itself. These are, and pay attention now P-O-W-E-R T-O-O-L-S. > > There's a very interesting comparison of ed, vi, emacs, Sam, and wily > (two GUI-based editors in the same spirit) at > .
Indeed. And I've bought the book already myself. Two thumb to ESR.
> Eric Raymond is the Margaret Mead of the Open Source movement. > --Bruce Perens, > some years ago
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