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CHAT: Austin in Mid November (bats and wolves)

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, October 24, 1999, 22:04
Hello, folks.

Two questions/announcments:

I set conlang to nomail for about a month,
so I could get some headway on a couple of articles I'm
writing.  But the news is that I'll be going to San Antonio
on the eleventh of November and staying in that haunted hotel,
the Menger (can't wait!).  I'll be giving my talk on Uglossia
and conlangs on the twelfth at the same place.  I've also
made plans to drive up to Austin on Saturday to visit my U of T
friends, and would love to meet anybody who's in the area for a
Sunday brunch if you want.  My flight out of Austin is at five
on Sunday.

Are the bats all gone??  :-(

I've been reading up on werewolves (new project) and taboo
deformations.  In order not to utter the totemically dangerous
word "wolf," people in Europe came up with epithets, or verbal
deformations.  Gray-leg, Strangler--hence warg, varg in the
Germanic languages.  How many of you have werewolf legends in
your conlangs, and do they go by epithets?

I need a reminder about Tolkien's wargs.  Were they talking
wolves?  Were they criminal and rapacious?  I can't remember.
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