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Oskar's Q & zHANgie's A (was partly Re: various infotaining natlang tidbits)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Friday, June 16, 2000, 19:05
In a message dated 2000/06/16 05:16:15 AM, Oskar wrote:

>Mm. Suspected you were some kind of wa-kiu, since you're on this very much >English-speaking mailing list. But the issue isn't if you're a Gwongdongyan >or not, it's if you sik gong gwongdongwa or not, ji-m-ji ngo gong matye? >
::baffled look:: I kinda always get laughes by saying to Cantonese speakers that I am _Han gwai_...
>Ok, you haven't even told me if you speak Cantonese or not, so perhaps I >should lay off the Canto-romanizations for a while ;) >
I don't speak much of any dialect :( Parents & grandparents were very divided over what dialect - if any - I should speak... so I ended up just speaking English.
>FooChow mum? Do you speak Fujianhua then? Or just Mandarin (I think I've >seen you answering questions about it, so I'm sure you're fluent)?
Not fluently, but barely enuff to be polite =} not enuff for anythin' more than emergencies ={ My Father thinks my interest in Bahasa Indonesia is a good interest. He jokingly adds that semi-educated, BI-speaking Iban in Borneo & I would get along infamously well since I have tattoos & have a definite headhunter glint in my eyes. (Thanx a bloody lot, Dada) [Amongst some of my Chinese neighbors, they have taken to the rather intriguing idea that I am some kind of throwback to ancient tribal Chinese & that I am some kind of _wu_ <sorcerer, particularly Taoist or proto-Taoist>... even though I do not speak any dialect. A few neighbors insist I do understand Cantonese, but - like a latterday Sun Wu K'ung, Trickstergod Monkey - pretend otherwise...] zHANg