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Japanese voicing, and learning Mandarin and Portuguese (was Re: Keyboards)

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 11, 2006, 7:23
On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 02:12:20 -0500, Philip Newton
<philip.newton@...> wrote:

> On 1/11/06, Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...> wrote: >> What have I not learned about etymological compounds in Japanese, btw? >> Why >> is it "hiragana" and "furigana" with a "ga", but "katakana" with a "ka"? > > >
That link really raises more questions than it answers, but thanks for it anyway. It'll give me a decent place to start learning and investigating. While I'm on the subject of learning, I need to learn at least the rudiments of both Portuguese (Brasil) and Mandarin as quickly as possible, for a contract I might end up working on. Right now, I have a fair handle on the phoneme inventories of both languages, and something of their typology. I have access to Pimsleurs for both languages, and to Henrik's excellent flashcard site (which gets better each time I check it), but do any of you know any other free (preferably) online resources? Paul


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