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Re: Results of a preliminary experiment

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 15, 2004, 22:02
--- James W <emindahken@...> wrote:

> >>>> Gary Shannon<fiziwig@...> 12/15/2004 > 10:56:11 AM >>> > >Here are the first results of a preliminary > experiment > >in conlang creation
> > Nice! Granted, it's not terribly naturalistic, but > could be a proto-lang to > which you apply a lot of sound changes, etc. to go > for a more "original" > result.
Thanks. I thought that using this method might also encourage fluency in the conlang which would help me develop an intuitive "feel" for the language which would make it easier to nudge it in a more naturalistic direction as time went on. <snip>
> But should be a great way to > tackle the process in > bite-sized pieces. I tend to try to figure out > things all at once, even in > composing, and that slows the process down a lot. > > Good stuff. > > > ------------------------------- > James W. >
It's the bite sized pieces that make all the difference! And I peeked ahead at the McGuffey's FOURTH year reader, which wouldn't take very long to grow into at this rate. Here's what I found: -------- quote ---------- On the dry land, not far from the quagmire, there were at that time a great many large stones that had been brought there to be used in building the foundation of a new house. Ben mounted upon the highest of these stones. "Boys," said he, "I have thought of a plan. You know what a plague it is to have to stand in the quagmire yonder. See, I am bedaubed to the knees, and you are all in the same plight. "Now I propose that we build a wharf. You see these stones? The workmen mean to use them for building a house here. My plan is to take these same stones, carry them to the edge of the water, and build a wharf with them. What say you, lads? Shall we build the wharf?" -------- end quote -------------- I'd be pleased as punch to be able to quickly and easily translate that into one of my conlangs. And only three readers of some 80 or 90 pages each stand between me and that goal! --gary