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Re: Language Creation: The International Language Construction Bulletin (working title)

From:Maarten van Beek <dungeonmaster@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 15, 2002, 17:21
> Van: Christophe Grandsire > Onderwerp: Re: Language Creation: The International Language > Construction Bulletin (working title) > > Hehe, it's not by you that I am pissed off, but by that spoon-feed
> everything has to come to you when one wants it, the way one wants it and > without one doing anything for it, or one won't even bother take a look at
> Well, I resent this attitude, and I know one thing and that's that
condoning it
> is not a solution. So I won't do anything that may help people to stay
> this practice.
Well, I have a more moderate view on things. Although I don't like the attitude you mentioned either, it depends on my goals whether or not I deal with it or not. If I would have something I want people to read, then it is my problem to get people to read it, so I might have to accomodate them. If I don't care whether people read it or not, then I won't put in the effort. In my eyes, the effort people are willing to invest is proportional to how badly they want something. And in the current times, where people already have so much, they really want much more (they would like it, but do not want it very badly), so they won't put effort into it. However, since I am, a very wanting person, I put a lot of effort into things.
> And I still think that stating once for your all life that you > want to receive the journal is not that difficult, and that even > if you can't read it at the moment you receive it you'll be able to read
it later. Ok, but could I also register to receive the journal and at the same time register not to recieve any unsolicited e-mail aksing me to contribute to the journal? Because I know I don't have time for the latter, and I know I would feel bed if I keep being asked to contribute and have to say no. Because then, I'd rather protect my own selfish interest and not register at all, so as not to have to feel bad every time I decline.
> As I said, I want to make this journal feel like a real journal, not like
a web
> publication. I hate those, so I'm not gonna start one of them. > > Of course, you're allowed to have your own opinion, I even encourage you
> have it in those times when people receive death threats or even get shot
> having an opinion (and I'm not only talking about Fortuyn). But I've not
> any argument that could prove my opinion to be any worse than any other,
> thus don't feel like changing it. And since I'm in charge of the Conlang > journal, it will be done in a way that feels right for me. If I am to do > something that I find wrong in some way or another, I won't have enough > motivation to fulfill it correctly. And you can guess that centralising
all the
> work for the Conlang journal is quite a lot of work, so you can understand
> I need to do it in my way.
Oh yes, I do understand. What would be your position against other people putting the journal up on their website? Maarten


Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>