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Re: Language Creation: The International Language Construction Bulletin (working title)

From:Tristan McLeay <zsau@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 15, 2002, 1:04
On Tue, 2002-05-14 at 14:01, Christophe Grandsire wrote:
> En réponse à "Davis, Iain E." <feaelin@...>: > > > > > In my case, the reverse is true. I'm more likely to read something if > > it's readily available. If it's directly browsable, I'd be most > > likely > > to read it. Thereafter, my interest has to exceed the effort > > threshold > > or I won't read it. PDF files are an example of something that may > > cause me to not to read something (all the tedious mucking about with > > reader annoys me),
I'm the opposite, at least for some things. PDFs generally have better layout than webpages (unless they're generated from DocBook sources or the vermin who created them simply printed the HTML originals via the PDF generator).
> > and if I have to go to the trouble of sending an > > e-mail some place, that's likely to kill my interest entirely. > > > > Well, if your interest vanishes as soon as you have to make a minimal effort to > get something, it's your problem, not mine :)) . I don't know why I should > bother for people who are so weak that the simple fact of having to send a one- > line e-mail (not even, you can put: "I want the Journal" in the title and leave > the mail blank!) is too much for them already.
Or not even, you could create a form where they enter their email address and it automatically sends an email to you or similar. Although that mightn't necessarily work for people with webmail accounts. <snippage> My understand is that you want to have it by request only because that means you can find out who wants it, right? Well, I don't know if your webserver supports this, but you could just get logs that say how often it's been downloaded. If yours is a paid webserver and they don't offer this, complain, they ought to. If it's free, I'm sure there are free ones that do (can't remember any names but I'm sure I've seen one or two). In the case of the latter, you needn't move your entire website: just put the PDF on the other server and link to it. Tristan


Maarten van Beek <dungeonmaster@...>