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Re: [conculture] Digest Number 360

Date:Thursday, June 8, 2000, 16:22
On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Adrian Morgan wrote:

> Now I *am* opposed to the idea of wine at communion, unless > grape juice is also available, because I am opposed to > anything which makes it morally (or legally) awkward to > serve communion to children. (I realise that in the Catholic
In the USA, it is neither morally nor legally awkward for my children to take Orthodox Communion, which is the bread and the wine. Were it "morally" awkward, I'd not be Orthodox, and any attempt at "legal" awkwardness on the part of the state would shortly be squashed under authority of the Constitution.
> In addition, I was told an anecdote by an ex-alcholic, who > still felt in his conscience that he was not yet recovered. > He went to a church and refused an alcoholic communion, and > got given absolute hell for it. That is a very sad story > about people taking things far too seriously. So there are > at least two reasons why communion should be non-alcoholic, > or at least have a non-alcholic option.
Someone in that condition should speak to the priest beforehand, not just show up and refuse on the spot.