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Uusisuom Lesson 7

From:Daniel44 <daniel44@...>
Date:Friday, May 4, 2001, 17:12
'The birds sat on the branches of the trees and sang so very sweetly that
the children used to stop their games in order to listen to them. They felt
quite safe because they knew the giant was not at home, but had gone far
away. "How happy we are here!" they cried to each other. '

'Luupitat husanneju arpokatin hapotatpin jo lupanneju alla lunijan jo
jaunotat hotannevo ludonetat vo kytti ynnetin. Valanneju tesi liko, lollo
jamanneju ettan hakkosoika elluju suu ruutillale, vajen leholluju seni toli
joi. "Suuamme tesi jaani tale!" kananneju nuo lassotin. '

Arm/branch - hapti (to hold), hapo = arm/branch
Sing - lupti,
Sweetly - luni
Stop - hotti
So (in order) - vo
Listen - kytti
Feel - valti
Very - tesi
Safe - liko (likti - to protect)
Know - jamti
Long ago - seni (ago) seno = old
Far - toli
Away - joi
Shout - kanti
Each - nuo
Other - lasso


'Uusisuom - kohta halomaale'

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> >===== Original Message From Constructed Languages List > <CONLANG@...> ===== > >On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 01:30:06AM +0100, Dan Jones wrote: > >> Easily solved: Schleicher's "sheep and horses" fable!!! No cultural > >> thingummy-wotsits and it's got a lot of linguistic significance.
> > > >How does one pronounce <thingummy>? I've only ever seen it once before,
> >one of the Chronicles of Narnia, and obviously never heard it spoken. > > I would say /'TiNgVmi/, but OED has /'TIN@mI/ and also has 'thingum' and > 'thingumbob' and 'thingumajig' as relatives, all with /N/ not /Ng/... I'd
> /Ng/ in all but "thingum" (which isn't a word I have anyway). > > *Muke! > > -- > > ICQ: 1936556 AIM: MukeTurtle > "We're making the Internet easier to use by > keeping you from using all of it." >