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Merry and like/Dysen Sphere cultures seasons/Holy Days

From:Abrigon <abrigon@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 28, 1999, 8:36
I use Merry, but not very often. To make Merry, but not often used
outside of poetry and snide comments.

The topic of Wintersolstice and all, has me thinking, my world for my
races is a Dysen Sphere, I wonder what sort of holidays they have? There
is atleast one sun, but some seven large moons used to simulate nights
and for other reasons that the inhabitants don't know. There used to be
one more moon, but it was used as a weapon in ages past, so their is a
long day twice as long as a normal day. I suspect the world will get
very hot one day of the week.

I know there is other ways to simulate darkness (twilight more like it),
such as large sheets of some material that passed between the sun and
the spheres surface, but I suspect the effect would be the same..

The seasons I suspect would be wierd for us, after all, there likely
would be little change, or would there be? The Sphere moves around the
sun, perfect circle (or as close you can, since the moon was torn out of
the sky, not sure..


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