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Re: Quenya and other Tolkien's languages' <ss>

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 11, 2008, 11:59
Quoting Petr Mejzlík <imploder@...>:

> Does <ss> in Quenya represent geminate /s/ or is it just another > orthographic quirk to adjust the appearance to English spelling (like the > diaeresis on e)? Or is it just that /s/ is often long in these languages > since <ss> is very common? Being it just a way to write single /s/ > somewhere would be pretty confusing since these languages have consonant > gemination (<nn> = /n:/, <mm> = /m:/ etc.).
Appendix E to the rescue: "Note that consonants written twice, as tt, ll, ss, nn, represent long, 'double' consonants." -- Andreas Johansson