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I found it!!!

From:Artem Kouzminykh <ural_liz@...>
Date:Friday, August 27, 1999, 12:55
Does sombody still remember my first question about "ideal" conlang
with 8 features? Well, it's seems that I absolutely accidentally found
something like this! It's Romanico, see
If one make some changings in Romanico (ex. orthographical spelling, a
posteriori verb suffixes instead of a priori ones, sex distinction for
animates by -o&-a, etc.), it would be that I need!
Uh, this weekend I'm lerning Romanico !

Explaining citation:

"The two chief principles of any planned language should always be
recognizability and regularity. Here is where languages like Esperanto,
Ido, and Interlingua get into trouble, having either regular endings
and capricious derivation, or regular derivation and capricious
endings. And here too lies the strength and appeal of Romanico, for it
combines the regular grammar of Esperanto-Ido with the more
international vocabulary of Interlingua. Its source words are almost
always taken from medieval Latin or early Romance, so introducing new
words into the language or predicting the form of existing words
without having seen them is not the crap shoot it is in other conlangs.
And while some words have been deformed in the process (eg., suolo
"floor" from Latin solum, solaro "sun" from Latin sol, et al.), this is
necessary to avoid confusion with other Romanico words (sola, et al.)
while maintaining the language's regularity.

Of course, Romanico does have one or two imperfections, namely its
orthography concerning dipthongs, which is as varied as Ido (ia/ya,
ai/ay), and the fact that its present-tense verb endings sound a lot
like its adjectival endings. But these are fairly minor matters -- all
things considered, if the question of an international (or internet)
auxiliary language were ever to become a serious topic, Romanico would
certainly be a serious candidate."

Artyom Kouzminykh