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Shinsei - Mc Guffey's First Reader Lessons 1-9

From:Pascal A. Kramm <pkramm@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 30, 2005, 23:24

Shinsei - McGuffey's First Reader
   Shinsei - McGuffey no ichta jonjuchon
  /SinsaI/  /m&kgafi no iCta jonjuCon/
(McGuffey *possessive* one-*ordinal* reader)

                                [page 7]
Lesson I.

[Illustration of dog running]

The dog.

The dog ran.
   tchokh fa reun.
  /tCox fa ReUn/
(dog *past* run)

                                [page 8]
Lesson II.

[Illustration of cat on a small carpet]

The cat.   The mat.
   nekhos.    njat.
  /nexos/    /njat/

Is the cat on the mat?
   eis nekhos njat ni?
  /aIs nexos njat ni/
(be cat mat on)

The cat is on the mat.
   nekhos njat ni eis.
  /nexos njat ni aIs/
(cat mat on be)

                                [page 9]
Lesson III.

[Illustration of a man with books and
papers. He is writing with a pen.]

The man.   A pen.
   njan.      shitif.
  /njan/     /Sitif/

The man has a pen.
   njan shitif chaf.
  /njan Sitif Caf/
(man pen have)

Is the pen in his hand?
   eis shitif khar no chantch ni?
  /aIs Sitif xaR no CantC ni/
(be pen he *possessive* hand on)

It is in his hand.
   njon khar no chantch ni eis.
  /njon xaR no CantC ni aIs/
(it he *possessive* hand on be)

                               [page 10]
Lesson IV.

[Illustration of hen on a box with rat below]

A fat hen.            A big rat.
   apchur si nipfat.     tchaj nesunji.
  /apCuR si nipf)at/    /tCaj nesunji/
(fat she chicken)     (big rat)

The fat hen is on the box.
   apchur si nipfat khisut ni eis.
  /apCuR si nipf)at xisut ni aIs/
(fat she chicken box on be)

The big rat is in the box.
   tchaj nesunji khisut nakh eis.
  /tCaj nesunji xisut nax aIs/
  (big rat box inside be)

The rat ran from the box.
   nesunji khisut fon reun.
  /nesunji xisut xaRa ReUn/
(rat box from run)

Can the hen run?
   khan reun si nipfat?
  /xan ReUn si nipf)at/
(can run she chicken)

                               [page 11]
Lesson V.

[Illustration of a dog with a hat in his
mouth, running from a girl]

See Rab!                  See Ann!
   kho sei rap!              kho sei an!
  /xo saI Rap/              /xo saI an/
(*imperative* see Rab)    (*imperative* see Ann)

See! Rab has the hat.
   kho sei! rap chet chaf.
  /xo saI/ /Rap Cet Caf/
(*imperative* see! Rab hat have)

Can Ann catch Rab?
   khan khatsh an rap?
  /xan xatS an Rap/
(can catch Ann Rab)

                               [page 12]
Lesson VI.

[Illustration of girl and dog sitting together]

Ann can catch Rab.
   an rap khan khatsh.
  /an Rap xan xatS/
(Ann Rab can catch)

See! She has the hat.
   kho sei! si chet chaf.
  /xo saI/ /si Cet Caf/
(*imperative* see! she hat have)

Now Ann can pat Rab.
   inja an rap khan tetsher.
  /inja an Rap xan tetSeR/
(now Ann Rab can pat)

Let me pat Rab too.
   ret eich rap tetsher njo.
  /Ret aIC Rap tetSeR njo/
(let I Rab pat also)

                               [page 13]

Note: No pronunciation guide here anymore.
       If you still need it:
Most notably: ch=/C/, kh=/x/, r=/R/

Lesson VII.

[Illustration of boy feeding chicken]

Ned has fed the hen.
   net si nipfat chi fitch.
(Ned she hen *present perfect* feed)

She is a black hen.
   si khur si nipfat eis.
(she black she chicken be)

She has left the nest.
   si nesut chi lipf.
(she nest *present perfect* leave)

See the eggs in the nest!
   kho sei pu tanjakh nesut nakh!
(*imperative* see *plural* egg nest inside)

Will the hen let Ned get them?
   ret nju khet si nipfat net pu njon?
(let *future* get she chicken Net *plural* it)

She lets him get them.
   ret si khar khet pu njon.
(let she he get *plural* it)

                               [page 14]

Lesson VIII.

[Illustration of boy and girl with man in the background.
Boy wears an oversized top hat.]

Let me get the black hat.
   ret eich khur chet khet.
(let I black hat get)

Now Ned has it on his head, and he is a big man.
   inja net njon khar no khop ni chaf, to khar tchaj njan eis.
(now Ned it he *possession* head on have, and he big man be)

Come, Nat, see the big man with his black hat.
   kho khon, nat, tchaj njan khar no khur chet tche kho sei.
(*imperative* come, Nat, big man he *possessive* black hat
with *imperative* see)

                               [page 15]

Lesson IX. rifun. (Review)
onekhaj jakhus khon:
(please translate this)

See the dog! The dog is fat.

The fat dog has a pen.

See the man! The man is big.

Can the big man catch the fat dog?

The big man can catch the fat dog.

The big man has the pen. It is in his hand.

Net is on the box. He has a pen in his hand.

A big rat is in the box. Can the dog catch the rat?

Come with me, Ann, and see the man with a black hat on his head.

The fat hen has left the nest. Run, Nat, and get the eggs.

Slate Work

[Begin cursive script]
The cat ran. Ann ran.

The man has a hat.

[End cursive script]


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