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Congratulations to Carlos Thompon!

From:Stephen DeGrace <stevedegrace@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 12, 2002, 3:56
Carlos is the new List Owner and chief moderator of
the NGL mailing list and therefore the titular head of
the NGL project (for those who don't know, NGL, the
"Next Generation Language", is a "grouplang" project
wherin we are constructing a language which is meant
to be designed for a modern society, which is not an
IAL, and which is to obey "language universals", be
usable, and be designed with the idea in mind of being
for L1 speakers as opposed to L2 learners (so it
doesn't have to be easy). More info can be found at, as far as we
reckon such thing in our very consensus and democracy
driven group, I think :).

Carlos has been a long-time, prolific, and gifted
contributor to the project. In my opinion, Carlos
brings first-rate experience, language-building savvy,
even-handedness, level-headed vision, and leadership
and organisational skills to the position, as he has
demonstrated repeatedly in his previous work in the
project, and I think the project will do very well
with Carlos in this position. I feel very confident
that he is the right man for the job, a position which
I must regrettably give up due to time constraints and
uncertain future moves - furthermore, I think he will
bring more thna I have to it :). I am very pleased to
pass this position on to him, and I felt he deserved
to be publically praised and congratulated.


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