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Re: Florin

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Monday, September 11, 2000, 20:43
* Thomas R. Wier <artabanos@...> [000904 12:17]:
> ObConlang: What do y'all call currencies in your languages, if any such > exist?
rû (finger bone) is the equivalent of cents, pence, øre... In the olden daus it was a finger-bone, now it is a bronze-colored vaguely finger-bone shaped coin, something like this: (fixed width-font!) though the end-caps are slightly convex... size is in fact about right. ______ \ / | | | | /____\ In the really old days there were half-rû too, it looked like this: ____ | | /____\ rûn (finger) is slang for the five rû coin, it's a round coin with the above shape embossed; it'll buy you a loaf of standard-bread or a bottle of standard-soda. kîr (hand), which is 25 rû (or 5 rûn), coins with an embossed stylised hand; it should afford you all the food and drink you need during one standard-day, and is what your wages are counted in (if you work) There are other types of money but they are rare so I can't remember what they are called :) Incidentally, the monetary-system is "borrowed" from the Kingdom of Char, prior to the Berserker's reign (he was King of Char and Earl of Chaldea simultaneously) the then empire's finances was fully automated, the regular Joe never knew what money was. In the Outlawed Lands today, money is still used only as an incentive to work, subsistence is provided through what's left of the empiric system, at least in the conservative parts. Money is more important in the tributaries and new colonies, generally in the frontier. These tend to adopt the empiric system as they mature. t.