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Re: Did you say OSV? Was: Arawakan.

From:Michael Poxon <m.poxon@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 9, 2002, 16:51
Going rather OT here - but a few months ago on British telly there was a
documentary about the Caribs (same general geographical area as Arawak) of
some island in, very appropriately, the Caribbean. They wanted to sail to
the Northern part of S.America (Surinam, I think...) to 'solidarify' with
their long-lost linguistic cousins. The main protagonist behind the whole
idea, however, was not a Carib but a Brit - and his name (really!) was
> AFAIK, AIAOTC (As far as I know, and I am open to correction) > Arawakan is a language family, mostly in S.America now, but pre-Conquest > widespread throughout the Caribbean basic. The modern languages are found > along the northern coast of SA; I'm not sure how far inland the family > extends.