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Re: And now, SOUND!

From:Andrew Chaney <adchaney@...>
Date:Monday, June 4, 2001, 0:25
on 02/06/2001 15:33, Herman Miller at hmiller@IO.COM wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Jun 2001 12:14:07 -0400, Sally Caves <scaves@...> > wrote: > >> Herman, I've been thinking about MP3 for a while now and >> have a few questions: Does MP3 come with an expensive >> price tag? Does it have a package that allows you both to >> play AND record? And finally, can you translate songs >> you've recorded in Real Player into MP3? I'd hate to >> do these all over again, although my husband and I have >> just bought a sound workshop and CD burner for more professional >> composition. WHEE HEE! One more piece of equipment >> to get all tied up around. > > I used to use BladeEnc to create MP3s from WAV files, which is free (see >, but now that I've got Cool Edit 2000, I use that. > Cool Edit is published by Syntrillium ( and > costs $69.00, but you can use it for all kinds of sound processing. The > older versions of Cool Edit are what I used to change speed and filter my > voice for all the Mizarian samples. It's also got a noise filter that comes > in handy for reducing background noise. >
I dont know what kind of computer you have (from the use of wav files I'd assume it's windows) but I'll stick this in here anyway. iTunes from apple converts to mp3. andy.