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Re: Plural prefix?

From:Tamas Racsko <tracsko@...>
Date:Sunday, February 8, 2004, 11:16
  Wunambal -- a Northern Australian prefixing language -- has a
plural infix <-r->. (Infix here means a prefix that can't be the
first element in a prefix chain). Because of the intelligibility,
morephemes will by separated by ".".

  It's true, it's rarely used on nouns, cf. <bi.ndjin> 'man' (<b(i)-
> prefix of animate noun class, <-ndjin> root) > <>
'men'. But it's usual among pronouns, cf. <> 'he/she (animate class)' > <> 'they (animate class)', and in possessive affix chains, cf. <g.andjal ga.newur> 'your(sing.) foot [is] big' > <gi.r.andjal gi.ra.newur> 'your(plur.) feet [are] big' (<g(i)-> 2nd person singular prefix). The same infix <-r-> is used in verbal personal prefixes, cf. <> 'you(sing.) do/make' > <> 'you(plur.) do/make'