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Re: One question about (C)XS

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Thursday, March 4, 2004, 5:16
Herman Miller wrote:

>> Just one question: Where do I put the global rise symbol? I mean, where >> does the global rise apply if I write: >> >> [ske:^vi.f4ij:]
> It appears to be at the beginning of the intonation rise; the example in > the IPA Handbook is English "How did you ever escape?" > > [<R>haU dId ju Ev@r I<F>skeIp]
Well, we're not talking about the same thing. ;-) I meant "upstep" (uparrow) which in SAMPA is [^]. Any way, "global rise" and "upstep" belong to the the same "family". I'll suppose they work the same way. ;-) Thanks. See ya, ===================== Remi Villatel =====================