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Re: Pronouncing Tokana (was RE: Importance of stress)

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Friday, February 4, 2000, 20:15
Christophe (GkhisdofGghasq igh):
> I mean, when you hear a foreigner speaking English, do you sometimes hear a > voiced stop at the beginning of a word which was in fact pronounced > voiceless non-aspirated?
No. Nor Italian. It can't just be context helping out, because /I/ v /i:/, /&/ v /V/, /r/ v /l/ (Japanese speakers) do sometimes confuse me in the mouths of foreigners. However, when Nick Nicholas spoke Lojban to me, I heard his /p/ /t/ /k/ as /b/ /d/ /g/. Apparently he was pronouncing them Greekly, to be in accordance with Lojban's specification of the /p/ v /b/ contrast as one exclusively of voicing. (It was incredibly stressful hearing Nick's Lojban. He kept on saying "si si si" & I thought for some reason he was shifting into Italian ("yes yes yes"), and only after a long while did it dawn on me that "si si si" was Lojban -- "si" means "delete the previous word".) --Aan dRosyd