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OT: maps (update)

From:Heather Fleming <hfleming@...>
Date:Sunday, September 28, 2003, 4:39

After much hair-pulling and vexation, I finally found a Photoshop plug-in that would
take my "equirectangular" globe projection map and turn it into a number of
different projections (as well as some really fun effects, like a Lego globe!)
so I can make maps of my conworld that look decent where they need to look
decent. Woohoo!

(I was seriously beginning to think that I was going to have to learn how to do
actual cartography the painful way. I had tried some map-making programs, but
they stubbornly insisted on real world data and I'm not clever enough to come
up with conworld data that's detailed enough.)

I downloaded the demo, fired up my copy of Photoshop Elements that came with my
new graphics tablet, tried it, went "Yes!" and immediately went back to the
site to fork over the $20US that would get rid of the demo's time limit (the
demo is otherwise fully functional). Definitely worth it!

I hate to sound like some kind of walking advertisement, but I figured I ought
to share my discovery with any cartographically-challenged fellow conworlders
who have a graphics program that will handle Photoshop plugins (it has a
Windows and a Mac version). The plug-in is called "flexify" and is by Flaming
Pear. An internet search should turn it up, but if you have trouble, drop me an
e-mail offlist and I'll send you the URL.


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