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CHAT: Education words in various English dialects // was "Mister"

From:Adrian Morgan <morg0072@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 24, 2000, 0:14
Andrew Chaney wrote, quoting myself:

> A university is divided into several colleges (The College of Engineering, > The College of Math, C of Liberal Arts, C of the Arts, &c). Colleges are > then further subdivided into Departments (The Department of Mechanical > Engineering, The Dept. of Civil Eng., The Dept. of Electrical Eng., > &c).
Flinders University is divided into four Faculties, the next layer in the heirarchy is a School, and the next layer is a Department. There are a few departments not organised into schools. A Faculty is headed by a 'Head of Faculty' (i.e. the person who chairs the Faculty Board, which governs the Faculty), a School is headed by a 'Head of School', and a Department is headed by a 'Professor'. Most of this is Flinders-specific; I don't know what terminology other Australian universities use. Reference: <> See also: <>
> > and I even know - because my American friends have told me - that > > American universities have special names for student year levels > > instead of just 'first year', 'second year', 'third year' as it is > > here ... > > Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Interestingly, at Adelaide University they do use the term 'freshie' for first year students, whereas at Flinders we do not. The other three terms are unknown in Australia. -- web. | Here and there I like to preserve a few islands of sanity | within the vast sea of absurdity which is my mind. member/ | After all, you can't survive as an eight foot tall dragon | flesh eating dragon if you've got no concept of reality.