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Re: revisions in Tepa number marking

From:dirk elzinga <dirk.elzinga@...>
Date:Friday, September 15, 2000, 15:16

About a month ago I posted the (apparently) alarming news that I was
revising the number marking system in Tepa. After playing around with
the revisions, I decided to abandon the idea. So what does that mean
for you? Well, not much if you haven't looked at Tepa. If you have,
rest assured that nothing drastic will change. What remains now to be
done is filling-in-the-gaps-style work (e.g. just how do you do
comparatives and superlatives in Tepa?), rather than large-scale
reconceptualization of already established grammatical categories.

You see, in my fiddling around, it got to the point where I felt I was
trying to put too many nifty things into the language--kinda like
overstuffing a sausage. Current Tepa seems to have a logic all its own
(for better or worse), and the number marking revisions just didn't
fit (or more accurately, it fit like my high school letterman jacket).

I did want to thank those who offered comments on the proposal; they
were appreciated and I may even use some of those ideas yet.


Dirk Elzinga