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CHAT: Relative Clauses (was CHAT: Religions (was: Visible planets))

From:Phillip Driscoll <phild@...>
Date:Saturday, November 15, 2003, 5:27
Adam Walker wrote:
> > I've been meaning to ask you how you handle relative > clauses in Kemrese since, IIRC, it is VSO like the > current version of C-a.
The natlang Malagasy is VOS. Relative clauses are introduced with "izay." The restriction is that the headword must serve as the subject of the relative clause: Nahita ny vehivavy izay nanasa ny zaza Rajaona. (saw the woman that washed the child John) John saw the woman who washed the child. To say "John saw the child whom the woman washed," the verb in the relative clause is changed to a passive, "John saw the child who was washed by the woman": Nahita ny zaza izay nosasan ny vehivavy Rajaona. (saw the child that was-washed-by the woman John) (The "n" on the end of "nosasan" is a genitive marker which is necessary when a noun agent of a passive verb is specified.) --Ph. D.