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Re: Pluto (was: Re: Naming days of the week and months of the year????)

From:Markus Miekk-oja <torpet@...>
Date:Friday, April 27, 2001, 18:09
>Henrik Theiling wrote: >> >> Hi! >> >> Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...> writes: >> > Raymond Brown wrote: >> > > We now have nine planets - but a nine-day week is too long >> > >> > Some astronomers don't consider Pluto a planet (in fact, didn't the IAU >> > officially declare it not a planet? >> >> Hmm?? Who not? It circles around the sun, ergo it's a planet. >> >> *Puzzled*... > >I don't know if it was recently declared not a planet, but I do know >that there are people who don't consider it one. > >The main reason is that it's much too small to be a planet, really. It's >more of a lone asteroid, or moon. > >Maybe some one else can shed more light on this.
Actually,some have expressed the view that pluto/charon are a double-planet system, because of the relatively small difference in size* The same has been suggested about the earth and the moon, so the size difference can be (with human measures) quite large,but consider that most planets' moons are much smaller compared to their planet, than for instance charon or the moon. - - Miekko