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Re: OT: Enterprise script

From:Aloyen Youngblood <aloyen@...>
Date:Friday, October 5, 2001, 14:24
Actually I liked quite a bit that the bridge was more designed on a
submarine model than the later Star Trek bridge model.  Add to
that other little details and it gives more a feel of a space going sub
than a true later trek star ship.

On 3 Oct 2001, at 13:52, Frank George Valoczy wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Oct 2001, Padraic Brown wrote: > > > Indeed, it seems to have a _lot_ of potential. Especially > > with regards to (alternate) linguistics (obviously!), > > sociology, history, etc. > > > > I'm disappointed that the ship and its innards looks like > > Next Generation. Where are all the flashing lights and > > buttons and knobs? I mean, the original Enterprise was > > driven with an automobile shift lever! This thing is all > > whiz bang touch screens. > > > > Ah, but did you notice that the screens were made by Sony, and the > computers were made by Apple? And as far as I could tell, the crew was > pushing a lot of physical buttons.