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ANNOUNCE: new conlang

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Friday, March 19, 2004, 3:19

DING!  Ten languages extinct, one language born.

I put a new conlang online.  It does not yet have a name;
preliminarily, it will be called 'S7'.

The page is not at all complete yet and possibly a bit dry to read,
but there is a brief description, some examples in IPA and a small

A feature list:

  - a-priori
  - totally regular
  - fluid-S active case system
  - primarily head-first
  - primarily head-marking
  - VOS word order (=~ predicate, patient, agent)
  - only one open lexical class (e.g. call them substantives)
  - polysynthetic: there is an open class of clitics (certain
    substantives can be reduced)
  - underspecified by default
  - extremely precise on demand
  - mandatory categories: case, valence and evidence
  - optional, coarse- or fine-grained or vague degree modifiers

Comments appreciated!


PS: I translated 'I think, therefore I am' again.  It's great
    for languages with evidentials. :-)


Adam Walker <carrajena@...>