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Dalmatian tidbits

From:Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
Date:Sunday, September 9, 2001, 22:38
Some interesting little newly discovered Dalmatian things.

The African dialect (Afrikanita, or Langa Afrikaneska) should more
properly be considered a language in and of itself. It is a Creole based
on Dalmatian but with many lexical and grammatical features of Austrian,
Maninka, Nzema, Twi and several other indigenous languages. It has a
simplified phonetic stock from Dalmatian, and the grammar is more or less
the same as Dalmatian but with several features from the local
languages. Interesting is the use of proverbs in daily speech, similar to
the way Maninka use proverbs.

Religionwise: Though most Dalmatians are Roman Catholic, there are
peculiarities of Dalmatian Catholicism which would strike Catholics from
other parts of the world as odd. This is because of the syncretism which
is so common in the Balkans. Examples: Dalmatian Catholics celebrate the
/slava/, which is the family's patron saint's day - this is something that
originated from Serbian Orthodox tradition, from which also the practice
of lighting candles in a special holder ( /onela/ from Srb. /ognjila/) in
front of icons. Also, Christmas Eve is celebrated, but generally only by
the very devout, as it is a lesser feast than that of Epiphany (6
January), which is the major feast. Easter, however, is the same as in
other Catholic communities.


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