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what the hezmata!

From:Johnson, Anna <ajohnson@...>
Date:Monday, December 3, 2001, 14:41
"i always thought they were saying 'hezmana' (in 'eat me' it definitely
sounds (to me anyway) like jool is saying 'hezmana') or 'hezmada' i'm pretty
sure there's an 'a' on the end but the rest always seems to be mangled by
the australian or southern (u.s.)accents...  or are you referring to a
different one that my mind has blanked out at the moment (my mind does that
a lot :)... i'm thinking of the one they use in place of 'hell'... as in
"where the hezmana have you been?""

There seems to be both that word, which is clearly in use, but also
"hezmata": I heard Kar Dargo say "That's total hezmata!" It clearly means
SCHEISSE (forgive me, my email server won't permit me to use profanity in
outgoing mail), which makes sense, given.

Anna J. Johnson
Mystif & Scrat Inscrutable
Somtyme one of mankynde is both man & woman & suche ... in englyssh is
called a scrette.
- Caxton, Trevisa's Higden (1482)