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oh no, not Tech phonology again

From:Daniel A. Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 23, 2000, 15:52
Well I had to do it.  This is my latest revision of the corpus of Tech
consonants and vowels, using a cheap and dirty phonetic representation...

            Voiceless         Voiced
            Plain Aspir Eject Plain Aspir Implo
Labial      p     ph    p'    b     bh    b'
  Palatal   pj    phj   p'j   bj    bhj   b'j
  Labiovel  pw    phw   p'w   bw    bhw   b'w
Dental      t     th    t'    d     dh    d'
  Palatal   tj    thj   t'j   dj    dhj   d'j
  Labiovel  tw    thw   t'w   dw    dhw   d'w
Sibilant    ts    tsh   ts'   dz    dzh   dz'
  Palatal   tsj   tshj  ts'j  dzj   dzhj  dz'j
  Labiovel  tsw   tshw  ts'w  dzw   dzhw  dz'w
Retroflex   ts`   ts`h  ts`'  ts`   ts`h  ts`'
  Palatal   ts`j  ts`hj ts`'j ts`j  ts`hj ts`'j
  Labiovel  ts`w  ts`hw ts`'w ts`w  ts`hw ts`'w
Palatal     tS    tSh   tS'   dZ    dZh   dZ'
  Palatal   tSj   tShj  tS'j  dZj   dZhj  dZ'j
  Labiovel  tSw   tShw  tS'w  dZw   dZhw  dZ'w
Lateral     tL    tLh   tL'   dl    dlh   dl'
  Palatal   tLj   tLhj  tL'j  dlj   dlhj  dl'j
  Labiovel  tLw   tLhw  tL'w  dlw   dlhw  dl'w
Velar       k     kh    k'    g     gh    g'
  Palatal   kj    khj   k'j   gj    ghj   g'j
  Labiovel  kw    khw   k'w   gw    ghw   g'w
Uvular      q     qh    q'    G     Gh    G'
  Palatal   qj    qhj   q'j   Gj    Ghj   G'
  Labiovel  qw    qhw   q'w   Gw    Ghw   Gw
Glottal     '
  Palatal   'j
  Labiovel  'w

            Fricatives        Nasals
            Voice Vless Eject Plain Aspir Implo
Labial      v     f     f'    m     mh    m'  <--- or mb', etc.
  Palatal   vj    fj    f'j   mj    mhj   m'j
  Labiovel  vw    fw    f'w   mw    mhw   m'w
Dental      D     T     T'    n     nh    n'
  Palatal   Dj    Tj    T'j   nj    nhj   n'j
  Labiovel  Dw    Tw    T'w   nw    nhw   n'w
Sibilant    z     s     s'    n_    n_h   n_'
  Palatal   zj    sj    s'j   n_j   n_j   n_'j
  Labiovel  zw    sw    s'w   n_w   n_w   n_'w
Retroflex   z`    s`    s`'   n`    n`h   n`'
  Palatal   z`j   s`j   s`'j  n`j   n`hj  n`'j
  Labiovel  z`w   s`w   s`'w  n`w   n`hw  n`'w
Palatal     Z     S     S'    n~    n~h   n~Z'
  Palatal   Zj    Sj    S'j   n~j   n~j   n~'j
  Labiovel  Zw    Sw    S'w   n~w   n~hw  n~'w
Lateral     Dl    L     L'    nl    nlh   nl'
  Palatal   Dlj   Lj    L'j   nlj   nlhj  nl'j
  Labiovel  Dlw   Lw    L'w   nlw   nlhw  nl'w
Velar       gh    x     x'    N     Nh    N'
  Palatal   ghj   xj    x'j   Nj    Nhj   N'j
  Labiovel  ghw   xw    x'w   Nw    Nhw   N'w
Uvular      Gh    X     X'    N`    N`h   N`'
  Palatal   Ghj   Xj    X'j   N`j   N`hj  N`'j
  Labiovel  Ghw   Xw    X'w   N`j   N`hw  N`'w
Pharyngeal  "     H     H'  <-- pharyngeal/epiglottal ejective
  Palatal   "j    Hj    H'j
  Labiovel  "w    Hw    H'w
Glottal     `     h
  Palatal   `j    hj
  Labiovel  `w    hw


            Latrl Vibrt Semi
Bilabial                V
  Palatal               4
  Labiovel              w
Dental      l
  Palatal   lj
  Labiovel  lw
Alveolar    l_    r
  Palatal   l_j   rj
  Labiovel  l_w   rw
Retroflex   l`    r`
  Palatal   l`j   r`j
  Labiovel  l`w   r`w
Velar                   R  <-- velar continuant, English 'r'
  Palatal               j
  Labiovel              Rw

That's 307 consonants, unless I miscounted.  But some of these are probably
allophones, and there might be other laterals, vibrants and semivowels,
particularly voiceless and glottalized.  I don't know yet.

Vowels are a bit simpler.  Though there are up to twelve vowel sounds:

i  y  i- u
e  o/ @  o
ae oe a  A

there might be as few as two vowel PHONEMES.

There, that'll do it for now...

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