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Some myths answered

From:Daniel44 <daniel44@...>
Date:Thursday, May 3, 2001, 18:36
Myth 1: There is no difference, or there is a largely indistinguishable
difference between 'u' and 'y' in Uusisuom.

Answer: There IS a difference in these two vowel sounds. The 'u' is the same
sound as in the English words 'pUt' and 'bOOk' and is transcribed as <U> in
IPA. The 'y' is the same sound as in the English words 'bOOt' and 'whO' and
is transcribed as <u>.

Myth 2: Surely having two similar vowel sounds makes Uusisuom difficult to

Answer: No. Uusisuom has been specially designed to make pronunciation
relatively simple, with practice and effort. The 'y' sound is relatively
rare anyway, and is employed mostly to indicate pronouns and the accusative
(seeing as there is no object case in Uusisuom).

Myth 3: Isn't Uusisuom just remixed Finnish?

Answer: Nope. Uusisuom is a unique language. It has adopted many of the
advantageous features of Finnish (phonetic spelling, regular grammatical
structure, relative neutrality) and combined them with the engineered
simplicity of a language like Esperanto.

Myth 4: Finns have an unfair advantage learning Uusisuom

Answer: Not really. Very little vocabulary has been directly borrowed from
Finnish and the Uusisuom grammar is sufficiently simple that anyone can
learn to use it within a short space of time.

Myth 5: Uusisuom's founder is just another IAL
politician/troublemaker/anti-linguist/naive simpleton

Answer: It is no doubt true that some of my earlier comments on this list
were taken out of context or were otherwise misconstrued. It's also true
that I misjudged some members of this list and have already apologised for
any unintentional offence. I have nothing to do with IAL politics, nor do I
see Uusisuom as the only possible international language of the future. My
pitch is that Uusisuom is one more possibility, another force for unity and
an increase in international friendship and understanding. And if such
comments make me naive, then I am the most naive person who ever drew


'Uusisuom - kohta halomaale'


J Matthew Pearson <pearson@...>