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New lang (was: Betreft: PHON: Xkanxey and a question)

From:Daniel Andreasson <noldo@...>
Date:Friday, December 3, 1999, 1:27
Rob Nierse wrote:

> Pablo Flores: > > Speaking of which, I'm going to change some things about Xkanxey. > > First of all I have to get rid of that horrible <x>. And then
> That's funny. I'm struggling to get /x/ into one of my langs (I want =
> give it an Aztec look).
That's exactly what I have spent the evening doing!=20 (well, rather {x}, than /x/) I'm trying to create a language for a friend of mine. She is making up a new elven character to use in a live role-playing game, and she want to have a language of her own. So obviously she turned to me. :) Anyway, first I thought I'd base it on Quenya, with some phonological changes and a grammar that'll be easier for a Swede. But now I'm trying to do something different and give it an Indonesian feel. The=20 phonological base of the language is that I really like the graph {x} for the sound [S] and also words that end in '-ai' and '-ao'. (Somewhat vague base,=20 I know :) One thing I noticed when making up some words was that although I decided to have voiced fricatives, I somehow unconsciously managed to leave them out, so there may be=20 something to the claim that conlangs are already done=20 in one's head.=20 This far the phonology: consonants: p b t d k g f c s x h m n ng l r w y {t}{d}{n} etc. are dental and not alveolar. {c} is /T/ {x} is /S/ I thought about making /N/ {q} to get rid of the final digraph, but I think that just looks=20 too nasty. vowels: i u e @ o a diphthongs: rising: ai ei oi ui @i ao falling: iu io ia ie syllable structure: (C) V(:) (N) where 'N' is any nasal stress is on the penultimate syllable except when the final syllable contains a diphthong. Then the stress is on the diphthong. Examples: 'kat@' /'kat@/ 'etaane' /E'ta:nE/=20 'etanao' /Eta'naw/ As you see there is nothing extraordinary with the phonology. As for the grammar (preliminary): * isolating * grammatical gender * mixed ergative/accusative * head final I have my doubts that she'll be able to speak this lang, but I'll keep you posted about the progress. - Daniel Andreasson [ e-mail ] [ main page ] [ Rinya ] =20 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Lech dhis lirenya. /lEx DIs lI'rEnja/ "Curiousity is the origin of learning." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -=20