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OT: Zhuang-zi / Chuang-Tzu (was Re: Another Russian Question)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Monday, September 17, 2001, 8:09
In a message dated 16.09.2001 05:53:53 PM, cowan@MERCURY.CCIL.ORG writes:

>Peter Ramsey scripsit: > >> > When you grasp the essence, you forget the words -Zhuang-zi > >I can't believe any conlanger would actually believe this. It is >the very essence (:-)) of making up new languages that they express >what cannot be said in the old languages, or why bother? The >person who spoke that was a Chinese cultural imperialist -- he >probably couldn't help it, I hasten to add. >
BLAH! :P :) Zhuang-zi / Chuang-Tzu, a Taoist Sage, was referrin' to insight... "The map is not the territory." *gigglabyte* more poetically: Pointin' to the reflection of the moon in the water is not really pointin' to the moon. "Chinese cultural imperialist"??? :::look of inscrutable *gigglabyte*::: whadda oxie-moron... I heard of Chinese bein' isolationist ::sly grin:: in more ways than one ::mad-lingua-mangler-scientist laughter:: ROTFLMAOSHIH czHANg "no, I didn't say I was a Dowist, I said I was a TAOIST." *snarfle* burp... Cowan funnee guy... ::^5::