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Romance or Romanic?

From:R G Roberts <rgroberts@...>
Date:Monday, August 9, 1999, 13:39
I see references constantly being made to the "Romance" languages and I =
know this is traditional but wouldn't "Romanic" be a more apt expression =
nowadays? "Romance" is English means something completely differnt =
meaning but "Romanic" properly reflects the fact that they are derived =
from the dialects *based on Roman* spoken in different parts of the then =
Roman Empire. And, incidentally, of course, there were other Italic =
languages e.g. Lepotic which were eclipsed by the rising tide of the =
Roman language and all the Italic languages - Roman included - go back =
to the Celto-Italic group of languages from which they all originated. =
Does anyone have any knowledge of these other Italic languages and the =
extent to which they varied from Roman by any chance? It woud be =

Richy Roberts=20