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Re: The New Year

From:James Landau <neurotico@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 21, 2003, 7:36
In a message dated 1/19/2003 9:43:09 PM Pacific Standard Time,
yonjuuni@EARTHLINK.NET writes:

> > How many Earth days does a year on your conplanet last? > > About 407.8 Earth days.
Sounds plausible. Not identical to Earth's year, but not so far off that it would suggest figures that would make your planet uninhabitable.
> > which in modern Kankonia has the status of the Ancient Egyptian > > calendar on Earth. > > What status is that? :-)
Basically not used very much at all -- except by some people who are very much interested in history. The Islamic calendar doesn't have nearly the status of the Gregorian calendar on Earth, but at least people use it when they're celebrating the month of Ramadan. The Jewish calendar is very much used within its religious community, and Chinese still celebrate the Chinese New Year in February. The Ancient Egyptian Calendar, on the other hand . . .
> > > I'm thinking of having them give a name to every day of the month like > > on the Mayan calendar > > They didn't actually have a name of each day of the month. They had a > 20-day week. As the months were 20 days each that meant that within a > single year the first of each month had the same name, the second of > each month had the same name, etc., but, there was also a 5-day "month" > at the end of the year, with no interruption of the 20-day month, so > that the next year would start with a different day of that 20-day week.
We'll see how my calendar for ancient Povoi turns out . . . it might end up like that after all, or maybe it will end up with perfection reached only in one in 8 years, just like the system of octades :)