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Re: Some replies to Matt33/Tokyo

From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, November 17, 2001, 9:13
--- Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...> wrote:
> Roger Mills wrote: > >Reading the archive for the period 11-10 to 11-14.
Thanks for this sort of reply and the subject line! I've got a group of friends meeting in an hour - no time even today, unlike my normal routine, to sort thru my conlang emails... already at 530 :-( Sorry to anyone who is expecting a reply from me, I'll have to try to find more time tomorrow, though Sundays are my laundry day :-8 :-( /big sigh/
> >You pointed out the similarity of Kash script to > Thai. The answer is yes, > >more or less, very impressionistically-- as I don't > actually know the Thai > >alphabet, but have always thought it very > beautiful. Also Old Javanese > >script, but that's real eye-strain.
Aha, bingo! The curviness of Thai may look pleasant, but the system to use it is not in my opinion. Not very "user-friendly" if you follow my drift, way too many exceptions based on the various accent marks. Personally, a similar but more-appealing system is Khmer. If you want, I could contact a Khmer friend in Phnom Penh to ask him to send you a Khmer reader (you'd need to email me personally). He's quite down-and-out (nice taxi-driver I meant in PP last summer), so he'd probably ask you to transfer cash to him for the reader/S&H to a bank acct, but I think you could trust him. Well, it's just a suggestion, as I know it may be useful to you and certainly help him (and his wife/3 kids) out. Old Javanese? No clue, never saw it - even in the writing scripts reader by Akira Nishimura (I think that was his name?) I have. What mystifies you so much about Thai/Javanese? I love Hangul characters for their simplicity, appearance, and orderliness; whereas, I love Japanese characters (inclusive of kanji) for the "freeness"in their appearance (tho' dislike that they look unbalanced put together).
> >Re origin of Cipango: True, the Portugee got there > first; but there were > >Italian Jesuits in China who could have relayed the > Chinese name back to > >Italian cartographers. Maybe? Perhaps even Marco > Polo heard refs. to what > >he heard as Cipango.?? > > He did. (IIRC, he however spelt it "Zipango".)
Hmm, would that then explanation why Malay or Indonesia (forgot which) calls Japan "Japang" with that final G... I wonder. Matt33 __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Find the one for you at Yahoo! Personals