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Re: vocab/translation #2

From:Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@...>
Date:Friday, March 12, 2004, 2:20
On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 16:43:47 -0500, Estel Telcontar
<estel_telcontar@...> wrote:

>Here's my second vocab/translation practice; the key items are >Captialized. > >uti ha tame Nona nerokamisa ti Nona imoyosi a >i ate the Whole bananna and All the olives. > >uti ka rani nemoera tu Ena a >i don't often enjoy being Alone. > >uti ha Teteki koimu iresa ta esa hurine a >i've Already seen flowers this spring. > >uti ha Eke tame nemai a >I Also ate bread. > >iresa ranai Tuini yeiro a >flowers grow Among the trees. >
-------------------------------------------------------- Let's see how much I remember or can figure out. (I've also added notes in ( ) about how I might translate into 'Yemls; { } enclose 'Yemls written forms.) I.S. noun plural is i- before consonants and y- before vowels and also applies to pronouns. a - terminates sentence (no verbal equivalent) ha - past tense (several possible suffixes: .... {-f} past imperfective, .... {f} past perfective, .... {r} present resultive (perfect or retrospective), .... {rf} past resultive; .... there are additional past forms, but they essentially .... consist of the above added to other aspect suffixes) ka - negative (prefix {YO}) ta - ? ti - and ({EJ} is "and", but only for clauses, so doesn't .... apply) tu - copula ('Yemls has no copula) eiro - tree ({TqB}) Eke - also ({EJ} _might_ be used in this case; it would .... precede the clause) Ena - alone esa - this ({Wi} is spatial "this", {sQi} is psychological .... "this", but neither apply to temporal "this") hurine - Spring koimu - see ({ViD}) moyosi - olive nemai - bread nemoera - enjoy nerokamisa - banana Nona - whole ranai - grow rani - often resa - flower tame - eat Teteki - already Tuini - among uti - 1PS ({i:} 1P subject, {-i} 1P enclitic object, .... {ii} other 1P object; doesn't usually distinguish .... singular from plural, but when plural, 1P is always .... exclusive) Jeff