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Tentative Babel Text in Karnuugaan

From:Geoff Horswood <geoffhorswood@...>
Date:Saturday, July 14, 2007, 13:31
Well, here it is!  This will give some indication of
how difficult Karnuugaan is to work in.

Please understand that some of this is still tentative
and I may well rework the whole thing.

The apostrophe is used in Romanised Karnuugaan to
separate modifiers from root strings.  In the
Karnuugaan script (a left-to-right logographic
arrangement), modifiers are half-size glyphs placed
above or below the string of root glyphs.

And without further ado, here is the text:

y'vavuul'qir sa&#1085;peh'mv'tt
y'vaavul'qir sa&#1085;.peh'mv'tt

1.	tt kargkun'gq dtengaan'gq’mj
1.	tt kar.gkun'gq dten.gaan'gq'mj
1.	ANC blood.person'all one.voice'all'PRS

2.	tt riihgko'mzh gkun'gq'mv yixšuun'qml y'šiinaar'qml
2.	tt riih.gko'mzh gkun'gq'mv yix.šuun'qml
y'šiinaar'qml kar.peh'mzh'gq
2.	ANC away_from.sun(2)'motion person'all'ASSC
table.ground'towards NOM'Shinar'towards'motion'all

3.	gkungaan'mzh qmlriih'mv: <šuunzer'kki&#1085;
tdmnkaan'mv'gq>  zer'riih šuunzer'qml'&#287;a&#1085;
kaandten'riih tdmnexšuun'qml'naa
3.	gkun.gaan'mzh qml.riih'mv: <šuun.zer'kki&#1085;
tdmn.qir'mv'gq>  zer'riih šuun.zer'qml'&#287;a&#1085;
kaan.dten'riih tdmn.ex.šuun'qml'naa
3.	person.voice'motion toward.away_from'ASSC:
<ground.stone'make fire.right_hand(3)'ASSC'all>
stone'away_from ground.stone'towards'walk'away_from

4.	gkungaan'mzh'na:  <pehpeh'kki&#1085;'qml
rta&#1085;peh'kki&#1085; sa&#1085;akii'qml'mv
ftiinuuhmy'kki&#1085; qirex'mzh'kqe&#287;
4.	gkun.gaan'mzh'na:  <peh.peh'kki&#1085;'qml
rta&#1085;.peh'kki&#1085; sa&#1085;.akii'qml'mv
ftii.nuu.hmy'kki&#1085; qir.ex'mzh'kqe&#287;
4.	person.voice'motion'time: <'make'towards'make'towards'ASSC'make
left_hand(1).water'negation ground.towards'all'ASSC

5.	pii'mzh my'gkodten'mj'h'na tuuv'mzh pehpeh'qml
rta&#1085;peh'qml'mv gkunkki&#1085;'mj'na
5.	pii'mzh my'gko.dten.mj'h'na tuuv'mzh peh.peh'qml
rta&#1085;.peh'qml'mv gkun.kki&#1085;'mj'na
5.	down'motion NOM''PRS'ADD'time eye'motion'towards'towards'ASSOC

6.	my'gkodten'mj'h gaan'mv: <dtengkun'qon
dtengaan'mv'qon gkokki&#1085;'mzh gkun'gq'mv
šiirtuuv'qml'gq gkun'mzh'mv
6.	my'gko.dten'mj'h gaan'mv: <dten.gkun'qon
dten.gaan'mv'qon gko.kki&#1085;'mzh gkun'gq'mv
šiir.tuuv'qml'gq gkun'mzh'mv
6.	NOM''PRS'ADD voice'ASSC:
<one.person'uncertain(4) one.voice'ASSOC'uncertain
sun.make'motion person'motion'ASSOC

7.	kki&#1085;kqe&#287;gaan'qll'ftii
ktmlkki&#1085;'qll'kqe&#287; ftii'mv>
7.	kki&#1085;.kqe&#287;.gaan'qll'ftii
ktml.kki&#1085;'qll'kqe&#287; ftii'mv>
7.	make.negation.language'towards'purpose
ear.make'towards'negation purpose'ASSC>

8.	qirex'mzh šuunqml'gq'mv gkun my'gkodten'mj'h,
pehpeh'kki&#1085;'mzh nakki&#1085;'kqe&#287;
8.	qir.ex'mzh šuun.qml'gq'mv gkun my'gko.dten'mj'h,
peh.peh'kki&#1085;'mzh na.kki&#1085;'kqe&#287;
8.	left_hand.water'motion ground.towards'all'ASSC
person NOM''PRS'ADD,'make'motion

9.	sapaa hmy'zh my'vaavuul'na, my'gkodten'mj'h ftii'mv
kki&#1085;kqe&#287;gaan'mzh'na gkun'gq'mv:  gko'riih
my'gkodten'mj'h qirex'mzh šuunqml'gq'mv
9.	sapaa hmy'mzh my'vaavuul'na, my'gko.dten'mj'h
ftii'mv kki&#1085;.kqe&#287;.gaan'mzh'na gkun'gq'mv:
gko'riih my'gko.dten'mj'h qir.ex'mzh šuun.qml'gq'mv
9.	reason name'motion NOM'Babel'time,
make.negation.voice'motion'time person'all'ASSC:
sun'away_from NOM''PRS'ADD
left_hand.water'motion ground.towards'all'ASSC

NOM	Nomenclative
ANC	"ancient".  When used on its own at the beginning
of a sentence, it couches the whole sentence into
historical or legendary past tense.  When used as a
modifier, it has other effects, and can be used to
denote, among other things, nuclear energy, Karnuugkun
long-term memory (a bizarre racial trait: some of them
can pass on their memories at death in a chain
stretching back hundreds of years) and other things.
PRS	"now", "present", "here"
ASSC	Associative.  Associates the preceding two
root/modifier strings together into one lexical unit
(eg. like a noun or verb phrase).
ADD	Additive particle.  This modifier is used to
lexicalise preceding modifiers as part of the word
they are attached to.
(1)	Left Hand:	Karnuugkun have 6 fingers on their left
hand and 7 fingers on the right.  The Left Hand root
is used with the numerical modifier as the number 6,
and as a root or particle to mean "left hand",
"unstable", "to release", and other similar concepts
(2)	Sun:		The "sun" root also has the meanings of
"east" (for planetary directions), "origin",
(3)	Right Hand:	The 7-fingered right hand root can be
used similarly to the "left hand" root as everything
from "right hand" to "7" to "stable, unshakeable", "to
hold", "to keep" and so on.
(4)	Uncertain:	Introduces an element of doubt or
uncertainty.  Used for "if" constructions, also
questions and doubtful statements.




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