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Re: CHAT: Virus (Was: Re: Fw: Sorry about that -- disregard my last message and do run the program.)

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Sunday, November 21, 1999, 19:26
Roland Hoensch <hoensch@...>
>Dear Jay, >Forgive me for saying so, but Your response to Eric's mistake >is absolutely uncalled for and (to put it politely) rather unenlightened.
and you're offering enlightenment... riiiiigggghhhtttt!
>As we have seen the email virus causes no damage and merely >propagates itself via email. Eric made the mistake of running >the program. It thus sent itself to the list. He then wrote >a warning message with a faulty subject line. And he is at >fault? Are You out of Your mind?
No, actually I'm in my right mind, my message was a bit of tongue in cheek humor... I wouldn't expect Eric to cover costs incurred but it might have shaken him up a bit... for you tho think I was serious about the costs tells me you indeed appear to be out of YOUR mind. :-)))
>Kristian's warning message >does not even call attention to itself. If anyone were at fault >(and other than the creator of the virus, *no one* is) it would >be Kristian.
Kristian did a no-no, I was the first to mention this I also said ... no prob, no offense... same goes for Eric.
>Eric's message clearly contained a warning *not* >to launch the program and even included a webpage for >disinfecting one's computer. So... >
So nice for him... he was probably so nervous about it he mistyped the message subject line and thus encouraging people to run the program. another no-no, but noones' perfect.
>1. If someone runs a strange, unexplained program recieved >via email, they deserve to spend the half an hour to disinfect and >apologize to people on their address list. >
I disagree, the first step is to hold people accountable for what they dish out. Ignorance of the law doesn't excuse the crime. But humanly speaking we should exculpate those who don't know anybetter, agreed?
>2. If people were actually stupid enough to not check the text of >the body of Eric's warning message and act on ridicoulous advice, >they downright need to spend that time to learn about internet safety. >
Nope. Eric sent it it's his. Kristian sent it it's his... I tried to send a warning about such things... and I would urge you to check my original email to Kristian on Conlang.
>This message is being sent to the list so that anyone delusional enough >to consider blaming Eric (or Kristian) can read this an reevaluate their >thinking as well. >
If anyone learns anything from this it should be to never open an unsolicited EXE file... and that with extra caution about handling the attachment.
>And my thanks to Eric for posting the disinfection website! :-) >
This was a good thing and my kudos to Eric on that one... and if in some way I made Eric worry about having to cover costs after telling people to go ahead "and do run the program" well, you deserved the little shock my friend... but I was simply kidding, you know, sort of at your expense... and Kristian's too... just learn the lesson guys, you can do a lot of damage without thinking... Now I'll shut up and pray I don't make a blunder of similar proportions, and btw Rolan, relax, bud! Since, Jay B. Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
>Subject: Fw: Sorry about that -- disregard my last message and do run the >program. >> >No problem Eric, just send your mailing address to the >> >list for all those that did take your advice and did open the >> >file and had to get the computer shop to re-do their computers... >> >They'll simply send you their bills and you can refund them >> >privately, as I said, no problem. >> > >> >Since, >> >Jay B. >