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From:Raymond A. Brown <raybrown@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 22, 1998, 18:49
At 10:14 am -0500 21/12/98, Padraic Brown wrote:
>On Mon, 21 Dec 1998, Carlos Thompson wrote:
>> How these hollidays are derived in our conlangs (those who apply). > >I forget the proper Brithenig... Nadiwdad perhaps?
Welsh 'Nadolig', Cornish 'Nadelek' and Breton 'Nedeleg' surely are clear testimony that BritoRomance was *natalicu(m) [na:'ta:liku]. IIRC the 'The Grand Master Plan' would give: Nadalig. But I guess Andrew will let us know the definitive form :) The etymologies of Christmas in the two conlangs I've known the longest (other than Esperanto) are: (a) SPEEDWORDS which I learnt round about 1956 - FETL ['fEtIl] <-- 'fet' = celebration, feast, festival (<-- Fr. fe^te) + the suffix -l which denotes 'particular', 'special'. (b) NOVIAL - My copy of Novial Lexike was given to me as a Christmas present in 1953. Novial Lexike (1931) in fact gives two words; I quote: Kristonasko = yule, D Weihnacht. yule E, E Christmas, F noe"l, D Weihnacht. Jespersen is clear that 'yule' is derived from English "Yule" (tho I'm sure he was influenced also by Scandinavian Jul). 'Kristonasko' is a compound from 'Kristo' (Christ) and 'nasko' (birth) <-- 'naska' (be born) <-- Latin 'nasci' (to be born). NADOLIG LLAWEN - AMUS FETL - JOYOSI YULE! Ray.