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CHAT: mailing lists vs. web-based forums...fora...whatever. (...)

From:Jörg Rhiemeier <joerg_rhiemeier@...>
Date:Monday, May 7, 2007, 20:04

On Mon, 7 May 2007 19:47:21 +0100, Rik wrote:

> Mia Soderquist wrote: > > [...] > > > I check in on ZBB once in a while. I have an account I could use for > > posting, if I wanted. I don't do a lot of posting anywhere, but I am far > > more likely to post on CONLANG if I do. There was a time when there was > > a lot more OT and personal banter on CONLANG, but it seems that the list > > has grown and shifted, and the culture of the list has moved away from > > that. It is probably just as well that things are as they are now. I > > think people prefer fewer posts that are mostly on-topic, and generally > > not on the topic of which auxlang is best. > > > > Mia. > > > <snip> > > I have to admit, I tend to post most of my conlang and conworld stuff to > the zbb, even though I know there's a lot of very knowledgeable people > here on CLL. I think it's because CLL is more of a text-based medium, > while internet bulletin boards like zbb have a much more > visually-focussed user interface which I just find a lot easier to use.
I also post more on the ZBB than here. Posting on the ZBB is somewhat more "casual" than on CONLANG, or so it feels to me. It is also such that CONLANG currently seems to be somewhat leaning towards engelanging, while on the ZBB the bulk of posters are more into naturalistic artlangs and fictional worlds.
> The only drawback to the zbb is that it makes me feel so damned /old/ ...
There's another: stuff posted there isn't archived. ... brought to you by the Weeeping Elf