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Proto-Andinean, first part

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Thursday, September 21, 2000, 4:20
I wrote:

> A recently published study has come to a reconstruction of > proto-Andinean, the ancestor of all Andinean languages. Of course
> would be imposible to be sure that if you go back to Zera 7000 years > ago, you would be understood with this reconstruction, but factual > evidence on Andinean languages is consistent with this theory.
Of course, I expect any comment. Just a sentence: *tèpò' dugâ`la kidü', tèpò' dugâ`lo dèmy' *tèpò' A god of destiny ** *dugâ` V to give *kidü' M teeth *dèmy' M food *** *-la -as perfect *-lo -t future ** religion of proto-andineans is unknown but comparing most ancient religions in the Americas (Zera time line), it seems that a god of destiny would be one of the most important gods, at least in the "dugâ`lo dèmy'" bit. In old Hembica literature and in Divelim (an stinct language in Cuba, documented by Lemuraki people) the words for destiny were cognates, with a common ancestor in proto-andinean recosntructed as *tèpò'. *** Chances are that proto-andineans knew no form of bread nor any food such procesed. A word for maize bread exist in most Andinean languages and is related but it seems to be a later borrowing (around 5500 BP or later). -- Carlos Th