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From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, March 26, 1999, 5:37
Pardon me for a sec, but I gotta check something... I tried e-mail and
it never came back to me.  It was about me returning from a long time
away from the list, and some banter about lenition of initial nasal
consonants in Tech, or something to that effect...

By the way, how many natlang examples can be found of the shift n > l?
I can think of Afro-Asiatic, where Egyptian n often corresponds to
Semitic l, and maybe cases in Latin where there's assimilation.  I'm
asking because I just revised the rules of mutation of Tech m, n, N
(retroflex n), n~ (palatal n), and ng.  They are nasal versions of w, l,
r, y, and H (voiced h) respectively.

Also, Pashto has this funky consonant, transcribed n^ (n circumflex).
It's written Arabic _noon_ with a circle below (in Afghanistan; it's
different in Pakistan).  I read it's not exactly a retroflex n (as in
Urdu, etc.); it's more like a nasalized retroflex lateral (!).  Anybody
in the know on this?

Thanks, and glad to have me back (don't be vain Danny)...

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