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Re: Humbly beg a critique of a role-marking system for my language.

From:Mark P. Line <mark@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 24, 2004, 22:19
Steven Williams said:
> --- Carsten Becker <naranoieati@...> > schrieb: >> Hehe. I have such problems as well. I'll get Payne's >> _Describing Morphosyntax_ for my 18th birthday this >> Thursday I hope :-) > > Wha-at? I've been looking for that book for ages!
I typically recommend it as a good starting point.
> I read Kafka's > 'Das Schloss' a few days ago, but didn't finish it, > because that's a fairly good-sized book, and my > reading speed in German is about a third of what it is > in English.
And anyway, it's Kafka.
> Übung macht den Meister... > > Also, I've recently had the strong impulse to learn > Japanese (a lot of Japanese single women on campus > ;-D). I'm tired of Indo-European languages; I want > something _challenging_.
Lushootseed. -- Mark